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IKamper Hardshell Tent And Canopy On Land Rover Defender

Wild Camping in Scotland

Laws of Wild Camping

Are you tired of the same scenery every day? Perhaps you want a change to your usual routine. Let’s face it, 2020 has been an unusual year for all of us under these unprecedented circumstances. Businesses have struggled, children have missed out on school and planned holidays cancelled. Now we are trying to get back to ‘normal’ life taking a break and camping in Scotland is the perfect opportunity.

Before you put together your itinerary, you will need to consider several factors. Although you may have some money set aside from that cancelled holiday abroad, you will want to make the most of it. A fantastic option when travelling through Scotland is wild camping. It is an amazing experience that you will never forget. You will save money on expensive accommodation, and also be able to enjoy the majestic sites from the comfort of your tent. You will have the option of making your own fire, and if you enjoy fishing, catch your dinner at any one of the many stunning beaches.  Like any camping, there are rules that need to be considered.

We have put together a simple guide for you to refer to.

 Be a responsible camper

Scotland is beautiful and can be the perfect retreat when you want to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life at home. Getting away from large cities and civilisation makes for the ideal holiday. However, it is important you remain responsible and considerate of your surroundings.

  • An open fire makes for a great change, especially when cooking. However, you should use a stove where possible.
  • If you do light a fire, keep it small, controlled and supervised.
  • Be aware of your surroundings when lighting a fire. If there has been a dry prolonged dry period, or you are camping in forests, woods or farmland, don’t risk it.
  • Make sure the fire is fully extinguished and clear up all traces of the fire before you leave.



Tips for Wild Camping in Scotland 

  • Always leave the area as you found it
  • When parking your vehicle, try to choose an area of hard ground.
  • Use public toilets where possible.



The law of wild camping in Scotland 

The Land Reform Act (2003) is the act of the Scottish Parliament, securing public access rights for unenclosed land in Scotland.  Before you start your adventure, you should read the Outdoor Access Code for guidance.  However, not all of these rules apply when you take advantage of Nomadic Scotlands 4 x 4 hire experience.

You may have read that off-roading/green laning isn’t legal here in Scotland as it is in England. However, wild camping is, and we also have the “right to roam” here which allows you to access land for recreation on foot. What we offer is an alternative to a traditional campervan. The off-road capability of our vehicles enables you to pull off a sealed road surface onto a forest track or beach for the purpose of setting up camp rather than being confined to camping in lay-bys or informal campsites. The Road Traffic Act 1988 states that you can drive a vehicle off-road – away from a public road – for the purpose of parking and within 15 yards of a public road. Landowner permission does need to be sought for private land. Please always use care and caution when driving on uneven surfaces.

The best places to wild camp in Scotland 

You can wild camp in most places in Scotland, especially if you are sleeping in a roof tent on your vehicle.  It very much depends on your surroundings and the ambience you want to create.  You will have a choice of coastal spots and beaches, woodlands or scenic mountain views. Here is a list of just some of the most popular destinations for wild camping.

  • Isle of Arran
  • Aviemore
  • Ayr
  • Dumfries
  • Dundee
  • Fort William
  • Glencoe
  • Inverness
  • Isle of Islay
  • Isle of Jura
  • Kirkwall
  • Lerwick
  • Lewis, Harris & Stornoway
  • Loch Lomond
  • Loch Ness
  • Isle of Mull
  • Oban
  • Peebles
  • Perth
  • Isle of Skye
  • St Andrews
  • Stirling

The perfect alternative to carrying a heavy tent on your back, and constantly having to consider travel is the ultimate 4×4 hire experience in Scotland.  Contact us for availability.


          Wild camping with camp stove in Perthshire Scotland         

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